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Top 10 Reasons To Advertise Your Real Estate With Google Adwords To Generate Leads. (In Nigeria and World).

This is actually my first article on how to generate leads for your real estate for your real estate Business. So let the lecture begins:

These are the top ten reasons I have put up for you to better know the main reasons you gotta use AdWords over other networks, And why you need to create an AdWords account As quick as possible and start developing targeted advertising campaigns that generate real estate leads you can actually work with. To better your business.

1)  While time and fiscal investment are needed to see results, you don’t need to break the bank. As with any aspect of your real estate marketing strategy, learning the ropes of AdWords and creating worthwhile campaigns requires energy and money.

The results from this effort and spending, however, have proven more than worth it for countless agents. That’s likely why spending for online real estate advertising is projected to grow by 75% in 2015.

The good news is, if for some reason your ads don’t get lots of clicks, you won…

Cashew Apples, Nuts Worth N50bn Rot Annually in Kogi – Expert

Mr Stephen Ahiaba, Chairman, Kogi Chapter of Cashew Producers Association of Nigeria, on Friday said that about 500,000 tonnes of cashew apples and fruits, worth N50 billion, rot annually in Kogi.
Ahiaba told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lokoja that the waste could be attributed to the non-availability of the requisite technology to process juice from cashew fruits.
“About 500,000 metric tons of cashew apples rot away in farms in Kogi State due to lack of technology until an indigenous agro-products processing outfit decided to delve into it.
“The company imported the technology for cashew juice processing into Nigeria for the first time. “The processing factory, sited in Egume, Dekina Local Government of Kogi State, was set up in partnership with an international agro-based NGO, Techno-Serve, which is based in Washington DC., to process the juice for consumption.
“The juice, branded `Relish Natural Juice’ is 100-per-cent cashew juice without any water or additive…

10 Things To Consider Before Buying Any Land In Nigeria.

Everyday thousands of Nigerians at home and abroad hope to buy lands in Nigeria more especially in popular cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Abeokuta, Ibadan etc but a common reoccurring theme that filters through their minds is how to safeguard their money so that they won’t be duped by Land Fraudsters or lose their Lands to the Government coupled with the terrifying stories that normally accompany the smooth transfer of these lands because of the prevalent nature of Land Scam artists and dubious Real Estate companies that specialize in defrauding prospective land purchasers.

With this in mind, Omonile Lawyer has drawn up 10 Land Purchasing Commandments for any Prospective new Land Buyer that must be strictly followed by anyone who intends to purchase a property in Nigeria more especially in Lagos so as to prevent Land fraudsters from duping them off their hard earned money and losing their lands to Unscrupulous people and they include the following:  Thou Shalt have a Budge…

See Bush Dog We Killed In Our Plantain Farm [See Photos].

The bush dog was caught in the trap this morning, this is the second time I am seeing it,the first was during my NYSC days

Commercial Plantain Farming Tips In Nigeria (Photos From Our Farm).

Hello Realeastogramers!!!!,
The main purpose for this write up is to motivate, empower and teach YOUNG men and women, guide existing plantain farmers, who are eager to tap into the potentials of cultivating plantain, breaking-through, using it to be financially free fast, by applying the high density planting technique. I will out shine the main challenges faced in plantain farming by giving step by step solution. The nitty gritty involved in producing plantain in large scale, turning it not into Riches but WEALTH, (depend on how big you dream).

Also I will be answering questions and provide solutions for those interested in commercial plantain farming. I don't believe in words but actions because it speaks louder therefore, i will keep this topic as short as possible, i am targeting a limited number of people can show you, (visit my site) more than i can tell. If you are on this page looking for what type of crop is plantain or what it does for the body, YOU ARE ON A…

PROPERTY EVICTION: Rights of a Tenant

Relationships are the bane of human existence; they are what sustains us, keeps us going and makes us alive. Whether we want to or not, our very nature is woven to rely on relationships and in the course of our lives, one of the relationships we will have is the landlord-tenant one. Unfortunately, this relationship is one of the most controversial relationships in life. It s filled with issues, conflicts and disputes and are often not amicable resolved even where attempts are made to resolve them. The sensitization of people to the fact that the law can be used to deal with a lot of the problems characterized in this relationship has however turned things around. Especially the mediation approach where a win:win situation is usually the objective.

Once upon a time, a landlord could wake up one day and decide he wants the tenant out of his house; perhaps out of spite, perhaps because he needs the property urgently, perhaps because he has a better offer. Whatever the reaso…


This article is on cooperative society bye laws, principles and practices, let’s get started.
According to The International Cooperative Alliance (I.C.A), a cooperative can be defined as an independent, self-sufficient association of people who come together willingly to meet their economic, social, and cultural needs and desires through a mutually owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

As such, it can be inferred from the foregoing definition that cooperatives are generally the same all over the world even though their day-to-day operations may differ from place-to-place in response to the peculiarities of their environment and culture.

Hence, Cooperatives are legal entities that have a range of social characteristics and are dedicated to the values of openness, social responsibility and caring for others. Membership is open which means that anyone who satisfies certain non-discriminatory conditions may join.

They also proffer economic benefits which are distributed proportiona…

Title Deed in Real Estate Investment

A deed, as defined in the dictionary is a signed document pertaining to the ownership or legal rights of landed property. Ownership, legal, rights, property, signed are some of the keywords that stand out here.
Like in all other aspects of investment, in real estate business, the seller and buyer must come together, negotiate and either seal a deal successfully or bail out. This is the first step you must take.

What shows you are a landlord or that you have interest in a piece of land are the documents you have on it. These papers could have been obtained from various government and private agencies like the land bureau, ministry of housing, local, state and federal government agencies, among others

You will agree with me that for you to obtain genuine papers you must follow procedures laid down by the government, real estate firms, professional bodies and all the stakeholders involved. Otherwise, you may end up with a fake title or one with one form of defect or the other.Documents ev…