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Top 6 Websites To Advertise Your Real Estate Business In Nigeria

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5 Approach To Selling Your Properties In Lagos State Nigeria.

On this post now i will be analyzing to you the 7 factors to consider when you are putting your properties for sale in Nigeria most especially in Lagos State

Be sure if its the right thing for you to do, first take into consideration whats the reason for selling your property? is that reason worth it to put your property on sale please i know you will thank me later after asking your self this questionAre you actually prepared to sell your property? ask your self that question again are you financially buoyant to sell of your property lets say you have your house for sale.
Have you removed Clutter In selling the property? I'm pretty sure you want to get clutters out of the way while you are trying to sell your property most especially when you have it for sale in Lagos State Nigeria. Buyers will view your property lesser when the clutter is still their so be sure you put it out.
Repair All Damages Before Putting your House On Sale: I remember when my father was auctioning a house in…

Guide To Selling Your House In Nigeria - Real Estate

Best Guide To Selling Houses In Nigeria - Are you looking for the best way or the guide to selling your house? if your answer is yes congratulations because on this article i will reveal to you best way to sell your houses in Nigeria.
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 The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the best practical on How To way to sell your property fast. The idea to put together this guide was raised as a result of my interaction with property owners who are willing to put  their homes in the market and with as fast as possible auction. some house owners wants to sell their houses fast because they need money and while the delay is on the property they eventually loose the time limit they want to use the money.
One thing about house sellers is that some of the home owners that want to sell their properties are not willing to go to Real Estate Agents because they wants to keep the commissions to their self by acting as …

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs A Blog.

Talking of writing articles on Real Estate Business Success you know that is what i write about on this Blog. But my idea on this post now is somehow different from my usual articles because on this post i will be showing you different reasons your Real Estate Business needs a Blog not site this time around.
1. Blog Is A Content Management System That Is Easy For You To Use And Good For Real Estate Businesses. Somethings you should know about blogging are the Flexibility, Easy Usefulness, And are not expensive. with the flexibility of blogs, you can write and manage your existing contents from around the world just anywhere you are.
2. Blog Can Be Part Of Your Websites And Its Own By Your Organization
Yes your blog your business, you own your blog and at the same time it can be integrated in your website, what blog really mean is a journal for your website where you post tips for your customers, latest news and development, and how to make your customers life easier which will make t…

Top 5 Most Expensive Real Estate Location In Nigeria To Aquire Properties Or Invest

Just of recent i published The Real Reason Why Investing In Real Estate Is Going To Be The Best Option For You.  and equally promised to give out the top most expensive Real Estate locations in Nigeria where you can either invest, acquire or rent properties.

With my basic stats from Civil Engineers in the game i have been able to come up with my stats ranging from highest to lowest. 1. Banana Island Is The Most Expensive Estate In Nigeria (Lagos State Nigeria) Worth over $3 Billion I remember my Uncle buying  a property for his client in Banana Island last year for $70,000 just for a 3 bedroom flat and properties in this area of the country are top notch, they are really good with handsome security. and renting of 3 bedroom flat for almost $50,000 per year.
2.  Maitama Estate Is The Second Most Expensive Estate In Nigeria (Abuja: Nigeria Federal Capital) Worth At Least $2.5 Billion Properties in Maitama Estate is worth nothing less than $2.7 Million this area is occupied with high Nige…

The Real Reason Why Investing In Real Estate Is Going To Be The Best Option For You.

Are you on a hunt for the article that will convince you to invest in Real Estate Business? if that is correct, then this article is the best for you.
If not investing in Real Estate then what else again? Real Estate is the best business you can invest in without much fear in loosing fund, Samir Tapir allegedly became a Billionaire in 2002 by investing in Real Estate in 90s.
Over the years Real Estate has proven it self a very lucrative Business and the most profitable one as far as i can tell the richest Man in Africa, Aliko Dangote can not mention his business without putting his Real Estate investment success as number 2 in the list. and the second richest and the 3rd in Nigeria are all into Real Estate business to mention few.
With the latest forecast by scientist its noted that more than 900k people will be Richer in the nearest future which mean a large number of people will be able to afford luxuries.
Just as Nigerian Government wants to focus more on Agriculture they still co…

Cashew Apples, Nuts Worth N50bn Rot Annually in Kogi – Expert

Mr Stephen Ahiaba, Chairman, Kogi Chapter of Cashew Producers Association of Nigeria, on Friday said that about 500,000 tonnes of cashew apples and fruits, worth N50 billion, rot annually in Kogi.
Ahiaba told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lokoja that the waste could be attributed to the non-availability of the requisite technology to process juice from cashew fruits.
“About 500,000 metric tons of cashew apples rot away in farms in Kogi State due to lack of technology until an indigenous agro-products processing outfit decided to delve into it.
“The company imported the technology for cashew juice processing into Nigeria for the first time. “The processing factory, sited in Egume, Dekina Local Government of Kogi State, was set up in partnership with an international agro-based NGO, Techno-Serve, which is based in Washington DC., to process the juice for consumption.
“The juice, branded `Relish Natural Juice’ is 100-per-cent cashew juice without any water or additive…